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I Remember Now (Sterek Fanfic// ON HOLD)

I Remember Now (Sterek Fanfic// ON HOLD)

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SpammerStiles77 By SpammerStiles77 Updated Aug 04, 2015

Stiles woke up practically dead. The stinging headache wasn't helping and neither was the continuous ringing in his ears. To top it off, he woke up in a random bed. Naked. With a hangover. Accompanied by two men he doesn't really like. What could possibly be worse? Oh. They're both naked, too. And he doesn't remember anything from the night before. Now, he relies on those who were at the party with him and a broken camera.

wankingcameron wankingcameron Jun 21, 2016
"the ringing in my ears was severely-" 
                              does your pussy pop severely
bananapants0221 bananapants0221 Apr 29, 2015
My hands hurt, they fell asleep and now there awake. Except it literally physically feels like someone is jabbing pins into my skin! OWWWWWWWWW.... Sterek makes it better tho
bananapants0221 bananapants0221 Apr 29, 2015
Sterek book, bodies next to you in an unknown bed, no clothes... I wonder who it is? YES STEREK I LOVE STEREK... Lol
berasmus berasmus Mar 03, 2015
fifty shades of stiles? i just died died died oh no my brain.................
xxDink6ltrxx xxDink6ltrxx Nov 15, 2013
Damn I wanna know what happened too. I think Derek was maybe smelling stiles mate scent
sashaD212 sashaD212 Jun 06, 2013
Can't wait for the next chapter it should be very interesting