Rejected and Scarred

Rejected and Scarred

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Fleeing a life where she was constantly bullied by others her age, Ada finds herself in the midst of adventure and danger. Getting arrested and sent to a mental institute being the least of her problems.

"A very gripping read" - the author

"I'd rate it a 6.8 for grammar and pov's, a 7 for the idea though" - the author

"Maybe a 7.5 if you're into werewolf books" - the author

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Cuz you to bitchy to understand that its fate and you simply don't care about your mate
S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR May 04, 2016
But isn't she 13th birthday isn't that a little young to be whorëing around
Secretly_AnArtist Secretly_AnArtist Mar 25, 2016
That's so mean!😠😢😭 I almost punched my gbff Aaron!😂😧😠
devynnr8 devynnr8 May 16, 2016
Me when I finish my food...very sad  memories 😖
                              R.I.P. ALL FOOD I ATE
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Jul 09, 2015
She was 13 innocent and blaming her isn't going to bring them back
RealityChic RealityChic Jan 05, 2015
Beautility start lol I meant u know what I mean it was awesome :)