The Boy Who Changed

The Boy Who Changed

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Grace By GraceingYourPresence Updated Jul 02

People change.

That's what Skylynn Green has been trying to tell herself since 5th grade but she still doesn't believe it, as hard as she tries. She still believes there is that tiny spark of innocence that she loved left inside of her ex-bestfriend. But he wouldn't dare show it, so she'll never know.

That is, if she doesn't finally pluck up the courage to talk to him again. After 6 years, it is unlikely that 17 year old Skye would ever talk to the so called bad boy- River Parker. 

River, your cliché bad boy, the one that drops his friend for popularity at the awkward age, 11. He is your usual player, a light switch relation ship with the school bitch- Angie. But River is one of the popular crowd, but never quite fitted in. He tries to, and does it all right but he'll never have the popularity of John Scott. His ultimate school rival.

Everyone has their own problems to sort out, but when Skye and River have to make decisions that could change their life, will they make the right ones? 

What happens if one day, Skye's house gets destroyed by mites and her mum's old friend offers her to stay at theirs? And that friend, just happens to have a son...?

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FxllingOutAtTheDiscx FxllingOutAtTheDiscx Aug 13, 2016
Im crying.
                              Why can't the guys at  my school be gorgeous like him!!😭😭
LilyanaVillanueva LilyanaVillanueva Jun 08, 2016
Ugh I thought this was a chapter update 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 update soon
zxddy_alxxah zxddy_alxxah Nov 20, 2016
U have my freakin husband in here man I've been supporting him since I was in 4th grade and I'm in 7th now dear fudging lord help me
Random_Teenager Random_Teenager Jan 15, 2016
OMG THIS SOUNDS SOOOO GOOD!!!! Can't believe Cameron Dallas is on the cover :) (bit like mine) lol!❤️❤️❤️