Love Locked

Love Locked

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Nina By northlanes Completed

The flat next door has always been empty--or at least it has been for the longest time. Rafael knew that for sure. It's been empty for longer than he's been dating this girl, and it's been--what--six months? It had to be six months, max. However, instead of beating his new neighbor to the invitation, he is met by a curious sensation outside of himself that he knows can only mean one thing. He has met his match. 

Valentina, on the other hand, carries with her more than just heavy boxes and furniture. Her heart is filled to the brim with guilt and grief and all sorts of feelings, and the last thing she needs is even more on top of that. Shamed for her abilities, she moves into the city fully intent on keeping it hidden and under control--that is, until she can't keep a lid on it anymore. Until life itself pulls her aside and says, "That's enough. It's time to stop hiding."

Follow the story of two brokenhearted individuals coming together by twist of fate, and learn that there is truly more than what meets the eyes. Sometimes, you don't need to see it to know it's real. You just have to feel it.


kemorgan65 kemorgan65 Nov 07, 2016
This promises to be interesting! Got a little confused with the "you" right up there with the "I" at first but it sorted itself out when "me" was introduced... ;)
                              All the best!
rebbeccalynw rebbeccalynw Jun 30, 2016
pls read my story its on my acc i will read yours i worked really hard on it thanks love!!!
1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Jul 01, 2016
This story sounded super interesting. Can't wait to get started.
adrieleanax adrieleanax Aug 16, 2016
how is ur writing so perfect and more beautiful than most peoples'  on here, when its not supposed to really matter, because its typing? xD
RhiaMikylaEugenio RhiaMikylaEugenio Dec 28, 2016
I SAW A MOLID! xD Jk.. I just saw a Fitzgerald and it's from fnaf... (the last name only :P)
joybird23 joybird23 Jan 02
I'm  just starting to read this story. Love how you did an epilogue,  etc..  Very nice.