My Vampire King | ✔

My Vampire King | ✔

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🌼Maryam🌼 By MaryamAslam Completed

Completed» (11 August 2016) 

April is given a task to complete in a dark night by her friends. She is an adventurous girl, making her way to an abandoned tunnel. 

Edward Damon, the king of the whole Vampire world. He is in desperate need to find his soulmate. 

Will April be able to face the difficulties in her up coming life?..

Will Edward find his one and only soulmate..?..

  • attraction
  • beloved
  • bond
  • human
  • king
  • kiss
  • love
  • loveatfirstsight
  • lovehate
  • loveisforever
  • lust
  • queen
  • romance
  • soulmates
  • vampire
  • watty2018
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Well look at the bright side: you learnt to never mess with real Madrid supporters 😏😏 #halamadrid
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Girl u came to take a pic. Take a pic n run for ur life's  s**t.
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Let’s not be curious because curiosity killed the cat or this case a stupid gal
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I don’t want to come out as rude or anything but do you really have to put a full stop after a question mark?
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Really? Edward? Seriously? If ur going to be a fan of twilight at least make other names for ur ideas
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Well I have no problem at all. Hihi 😁 because I'm not good at English either lol 😂