connected ☎ taekook [SLOW UPDATE]

connected ☎ taekook [SLOW UPDATE]

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考え方 By ziaggra Updated May 15

a taekook chat. ♨

they are connected with each other through chatting. ↭

[updated every weekends. phtime.] ツ

Fish-chan Fish-chan Jun 15
roses are red
                              thorns are pricky
                              lemme just say
                              that escalated quickly
Aw, come on, Taehyung, give him a break. He's just a... LONELY, LONELY, LONELY WHALE.
Im the only one thinking of Hong Jisoo *le cries* forever alone
Ahem person making fun of "imawhale" user name do you want me to repeat your username? I think it was something like Taelien52?
My friend doesn't like it when I call him babe either. The selfish prick.