connected ☎ taekook

connected ☎ taekook

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考え方 By ichikaaa Updated Oct 22, 2017

a taekook chatting storyline  ✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿)

they are connected with each other through chatting. and maybe their history? let's find out, shall we?

ㅡ ziaggra

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_ikitae _ikitae Aug 20, 2017
*start singing* is it too late now to say sooooorrryyyy? cuz i'm missing more than just your booooodyyy
_TylerIsSoDun_ _TylerIsSoDun_ a day ago
Cmon am i the only one that thought that he's Jimin? They're bffs yall it's like soulmates
7_Fatma_7 7_Fatma_7 6 days ago
If he was an ARMY he'd never be bored, y'know we don't stop voting, teamwork and shitz (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Fish-chan Fish-chan Jun 15, 2017
roses are red
                              thorns are pricky
                              lemme just say
                              that escalated quickly
Fangirlbooks467 Fangirlbooks467 Dec 18, 2017
Says the one who pops out of nowhere and says he's his "soulmate"
Taesty_Kookie Taesty_Kookie Jan 08, 2017
Aw, come on, Taehyung, give him a break. He's just a... LONELY, LONELY, LONELY WHALE.