All Too Well ✔️

All Too Well ✔️

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Samantha Jayne By SamanthaJayne_x Completed

Katie Sparks is a quiet girl. By quiet, I mean literally quiet. She's mute, meaning she's treated different by society. They think she's a freak, and they bully her, and not being able to stand up for herself vocally, she hides behind her popular boyfriend Peter.

Peter treats her somewhat normally. He talks to her, laughs with her, but how much can this popular boy take? When he forces Katie out to a party one night, and they return home to find out some shocking news a few days later. The popular boy got the mute pregnant.

When her older brother's childhood friend Drake comes back into the picture a spark ignites between the two and suddenly Katie is faced with the possibility of choosing between Peter or Drake. She struggles with trying to do what's best for the baby and what's best for her. Katie has a choice to make and it won't be an easy one to do.

- - May 07, 2017
Dang, this is an epic opening. I can't wait to read more already! 😄😄😄
HeeHawHannah HeeHawHannah Jul 29, 2017
You're the first person to say that you can't write something, at least you can admit it! @samanthajayne_x
tayytayyluvv97 tayytayyluvv97 Jul 17, 2016
I'm sorry but I really think you should change the story plot...its too ugh. Like he abuses her and she is hiding all these things and still with him what?😕😧😩😞😶😶😝
tayytayyluvv97 tayytayyluvv97 Jul 17, 2016
Its kinda sad and making her seem pathetic...not to be harsh cause besides the mute thing its and actual serious issue people deal with  every day. Idk just seems like its missing something. It started well and then took a down fall.
chico_lachowski_fan chico_lachowski_fan Dec 06, 2015
To me it seems he wants one for popularity and another one for the grades
Irish_love_ Irish_love_ Dec 06, 2014
I'm pîssed off right now at her! I mean seriously I don't care how popular he is he shouldn't treat her like that... But love the story so far...