Kaneki Ken X Pregnant Reader

Kaneki Ken X Pregnant Reader

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The enchanted rose By 4567891011a Updated Jan 13

A/N: I don't own Tokyo ghoul. You only own your self. And I hope you like the story.

Prologue. Hi my name is Y/N and I am a ghoul well a one eye hot pink eye ghoul. Sound crazy right. But I was never a ghoul oh no I was turn into one. By a organ transplant. At first it was hard to live a life as a ghoul but I'm not alon I got my husband Kaneki How also a have ghoul. And together where going to have our first child. A: and this is our story begins.

Y/N: Kaneki? Kaneki: yes Y/N. Y/N: I need to tell something. Kaneki: what is it love. Y/N: um Kaneki you do know how female cat get all weird when they see a male cat right. Kaneki: yeah. Y/N: and do you know when they get that way? Kaneki: yeah because its spring and spring is the mating season for cat right. Why all they'd question all of sudden? Y/N: well I was talking to toka yesterday and she told me that in the spring the mating season for ghouls will start and... Kaneki: Y/N don't tell that you are in-in-in Y/N: in heat. You blushd s...

376189C 376189C Mar 12
15 and I know this because I have a lot of people in my family that's a perv.
Omg this is so hard to read. You can try to make each speech dialogue as one paragraph
I'm 15 but I've read tones of lemons.my dirty little mind!;)
GhoulHaven GhoulHaven Oct 31, 2016
Walks away.....noooppppeeeeee jk jk I'm going to read farther