Ship Us To Make Us (vhope)

Ship Us To Make Us (vhope)

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"Let me get this straight?  You want us to act like we have secret feelings for eachother in public for more publicity?" 

Taehyung is an active member of BTS. He tries his best to make the fans happy and does what's needed to be done. He even went as far as acting like an alien when ever in front of the camera to gain more appeal. But what happens when his managers order him to increase his skinship with his member jhope and act like he's in love with him? Will they be able to fake it or will they begin to develop feelings?  And what if jhope isn't really as cheery as everyone thinks he is? 

A/N I'm creating this story because I feel vhope gets no love on wattpad. Please read and enjoy the Hilarious and awkward situations. The love and the sadness.

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ForeverShipper217 ForeverShipper217 Nov 14, 2017
So if a video of one of them kicking a puppy goes viral THATS GOOD PUBLICITY???
I don't ship VHope nor Jikook I just like reading fanfiction in general so eh
realitaes realitaes Nov 28, 2017
why is everyone writing what time they started reading this.
                              imma do it too
                              5:50 PM
detroyet detroyet Nov 30, 2017
Okay but he really wouldn’t agree to this let’s be serious
ForeverShipper217 ForeverShipper217 Nov 14, 2017
Ok not teasing one ship isn't gonna sink their careers. If fans forget about them because their ship isn't canon than that's just plain sad
MiNSuga_Genius0 MiNSuga_Genius0 Dec 07, 2017
You all know this aint real rite?cause v is so damn cute and pure he cant do this