Ship Us To Make Us (vhope)

Ship Us To Make Us (vhope)

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"Let me get this straight?  You want us to act like we have secret feelings for eachother in public for more publicity?" 

Taehyung is an active member of BTS. He tries his best to make the fans happy and does what's needed to be done. He even went as far as acting like an alien when ever in front of the camera to gain more appeal. But what happens when his managers order him to increase his skinship with his member jhope and act like he's in love with him? Will they be able to fake it or will they begin to develop feelings?  And what if jhope isn't really as cheery as everyone thinks he is? 

A/N I'm creating this story because I feel vhope gets no love on wattpad. Please read and enjoy the Hilarious and awkward situations. The love and the sadness.

Yuun-ah Yuun-ah Mar 11
I think there are plenty of vhope fanfica nowadays it's just that they aren't that good(like mine) OR the new fans just chose what's more popular and those are vkook and yoonmin ugh ><
OMG that reminds me!!! Attack on titan season 2!!!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayayayayayaya
Am I the only one thinking that "alien" sounds like some kind of dissing? I would definitely feel offended by it,if others would call me this. Taehyeong is a normal human being..Just like everyone else. His behavior doesn't make him an alien. #MyOpinion
MaddieRain1 MaddieRain1 Dec 31, 2016
You're gonna tell me that you're NOT an alien? My bias?! He spoke to Jin and Namjoon in an alien language after his tablet was taken away!! And he's NOT an alien?!!!
MaddieRain1 MaddieRain1 Jan 03
This is the most underrated?!??! HAVE YOU SEEN TAEJIN!? IT IS NOT OKAY AND IT'S SO FRIEND ZONED!!!!
Juelitcbw Juelitcbw Feb 08
It kinda makes me sad that they might actually pretend to have a different personality:/