Reader X Nathanael | ✔

Reader X Nathanael | ✔

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You are new a student attending Marinette and Adrien's high school, but working for Hawk Moth as a spy. As your duty, you try to learn their secret identities. You become friends with a mysterious boy in your class named Nathanael who is rumoured to have a miraculous. Not soon after, you develop a huge crush on him too. Are you able to stay on task to collect Chat Noir and Ladybug's miraculous while balance your suspicions and attraction to Nathanael? Will you have to make an important decision?
Read to find out!

*I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters!*

[Highest rank (as I know): #975 in fanfiction on March 11th 2016]

[¡Written during season 1!]

WARNING: I wrote this a while ago so the writing may not reflect my current skill :^)

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disaster-r disaster-r Apr 26
                              But wait, since we found out that HawkMoth was Mr. Agrest from Gorizilla, wouldn't that make Y/N Adrien's sister...
Someone in the comments of KissCartoon was so freaked out that Gabriel is Hawk Moth. I was just... *deep breath* BOI!
Dude I always knew he was hawkmoth. Why was everyone so shocked 😂 the disguises aren’t that great
osat45 osat45 Aug 31, 2017
I'm gonna read it anyway, but just wanted to say that in the first origins episode, right before they show hawkmaoths face(covered by a suit) there is a shot of Adrian's mother in the pendant that holds his miraculous
rjlovespizza rjlovespizza Jan 20, 2017
I read your book already and its really, really, really (x 100,000,000) amazing.
PERMISSION TO POST AUTHOR, If you are interested in other Miraculous fan-fics you can visit mine after reading this awesome story! Thank you :)