Magi: A Twist in Time and Space [Wattys 2017]

Magi: A Twist in Time and Space [Wattys 2017]

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mr_kriswuyifan By mr_kriswuyifan Updated 5 days ago

One stormy day a young woman (y/n) who goes by the name T is suddenly transported into the World of Magi. She wakes up as herself when she was 7 year old and meets the young 14 year old Sinbad who mistakens her for a young boy. She accompanies Sinbad in his many adventures. 

Through a turn in traumatic  events she wakes up again as her original age and meets Kouen who mistakes her for a naked thief or assassin. Eventually with the help of Ugo she returns to King Sinbad, but as her real self.

In this twist in time and space, what Destiny awaits T? Stay tuned to find out!


《It's a story about where the OC gets transported to the Magi world .
  It starts off with the Adventures of Sinbad and then there is a time skip... 》
  Feedback is welcome!
  { This story is also published under quotev by ryunosuke, which is my other account}

Characters, Original Plot, and Original Story and Art belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka, I just own T and Ryu and the plot additions :)

ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Sep 07
*puffs out cheeks as I cross my arms in a childish pout* well someone's grumpy...
KyLauRen84 KyLauRen84 Sep 10
Is it strange that all of these are my fav. characters plus Judar?
I thought we were going to be able to go through the adventures with Sinbad?? No hate just confused, though I really should read on before making accusations
Koga939 Koga939 May 16
I really hope the main character  will be a guy no offense to ladies just not many guys in magi fanfiction
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Sep 07
I would have standed my ground and be a stubborn asś about it until I find my way out 😂
Octavia7364 Octavia7364 Nov 02, 2016
Hey what does she look like? I can't seem to find a description.