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I am Isabel   (Completed)

I am Isabel (Completed)

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;-) By HereIAmAngel Completed

Meet Isabel.
She gets along with most people, not super popular but she's not a wallflower either.
Isabel doesn't need anyone else in her life not to protect her and certainly not Derek and his crew.

She lives with her brother and father .
They share a secret that could land them in jail.

She can fight almost anyone and win, this girl kicks a$$.
Yet Isabel has a past that features in her nightmares, making her afraid to sleep alone.

"Hey?" I heard but didn't reply.

"Hey!" I still didn't reply. 
A hand grabbed my arm and I twisted out of it on instinct. There was a glimmer of surprise in his eyes as I faced the last of the Five in the now almost empty hallway. Derek. Almost as tall as Mac. Black hair like the twins with ice cold blueish grey eyes. Same fighters build, six pack and all but not as soft as Mac or as feminine as the twins beauty. He was more rugged. I did understand the appeal of these boys but there were a lot of good looking guys on the swim team too and I did go with Jarred when he had fights. 

"You know we wouldn't let anyone hurt you right? Even if Jarred isn't around, we'll be here to protect you."

I blinked. 
I blinked again. 
Nope, he was still standing there with the same serious expression. 

Derek, the unofficial leader of the Five, the boy every guy would want to be friends with and every girl would love to sleep with, was offering me his protection. I did the only thing that made sense in that situation. I burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard that I doubled over and when I glanced up at him I just cracked up again. He stood through it all without any emotion on his face, there was barely a glimmer of anger in his eyes. If anything I might have seen some surprise. I patted him on the arm and winked. "You. Are. Funny! I don't need you idiots to look out for me. But thanks for the thought." With that I quickly made my way to class.

alsey89 alsey89 Mar 16, 2016
I like it. Aside from a few grammatical mistakes, I find this chapter really funny. :)
sara_darkwood sara_darkwood Mar 20, 2016
Good start for the story and here is one of my suggestion... change ur story description.... @AlseyGrayland helped me too with the summary :)