I am Isabel   (Completed)

I am Isabel (Completed)

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;-) By HereIAmAngel Completed

Meet Isabel.
She gets along with most people, not super popular but she's not a wallflower either.
Isabel doesn't need anyone else in her life not to protect her and certainly not Derek and his crew.

She lives with her brother and father .
They share a secret that could land them in jail.

She can fight almost anyone and win, this girl kicks a$$.
Yet Isabel has a past that features in her nightmares, making her afraid to sleep alone.


"I like the shirt Isabel, is that good enough for you?" He whispered. I shivered again and he moved a hand along my arm to the door of the fridge closing it. "You're getting cold."

Not wanting to admit the effect that his voice was having on me I nodded but that backfired dramatically as he slipped his arms around me, turning me in the process. Now in a hug that was more than just warming me I made sure not to look at his face. A whole new barrage of feelings coursed through my body.

"You're not saying much Isabel." Somehow our bodies were touching everywhere and yet he managed to position his lips back at my ear like before when he hadn't been quite as close. My hands were on his chest. My head moved without permission when he spoke and I looked at him, his face was so close. His eyes were wide, almost black instead of grey as he stared right into my soul. I searched his face. A dark stubble graced his cheeks but somehow he pulled it off without looking scruffy. His nose wasn't entirely straight, probably been broken at some point everyone knew he had a short fuse. His black hair was long enough to have a slight wave to it and it looked quite soft. Then my eyes returned to his lips, I almost had to cross my eyes they were so close. Not thinking about it I sucked my lower lip into my mouth, my lips suddenly felt dry. My eyes didn't leave his lips as I remembered the softness of the kiss they had given me after my fight, my eyes returned to his and without thought I closed the distance between us.

alsey89 alsey89 Mar 16
I like it. Aside from a few grammatical mistakes, I find this chapter really funny. :)
Good start for the story and here is one of my suggestion... change ur story description.... @AlseyGrayland helped me too with the summary :)