Thorns On My Rose: A Story of the Daughter of Robert Downey Jr. (EDITING)

Thorns On My Rose: A Story of the Daughter of Robert Downey Jr. (EDITING)

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Bria Nicole By britween1232 Updated Apr 24, 2015

Life isn't exactly tea and biscuits for Alana-Rose Tollen, the very precocious and deeply depressed teenage girl whose mother died just three weeks ago. She's lost everything familiar in her life, including a few of her memories, and has been placed in a large western-styled estate in East Texas with a passive therapist and a gay Asian. But, when Robert Downey Jr., the famous movie star, shows up claiming he is her biological father, Alana's life is quickly flipped upside down. 

Once she's taken back to L.A. to live with Robert, Alana-Rose discovers that glamorous land of Hollywood isn't exactly all it's cracked up to be. There's far more to Robert and Alana's new life together besides the money and fame, and its not all pretty, either. Everyone has a dirty secret, especially Robert and Alana-Rose. 

Will the pressure of living a life exposed to the public eye damage their relationship beyond repair? Will Robert's past decisions affect his life now with Alana and push her away? 

Read it and find out why every rose has its thorn.