Start of Time » Stiles Stilinski

Start of Time » Stiles Stilinski

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Artemis J. Pendragon By OMGitsJustine Updated Jan 25

❝ Maybe we could be the start of something
Be together at the start of time ❞

Sara Sandoval and Stiles Stilinski; they are the perfect combination. They've been best friends forever and after years of side by side, they have finally confessed their love for each other and are finally together. There's nothing that they wouldn't do for each other, their love is an unconditional love. They made each other unrealistically happy and there's no one that they would rather be with than each other. They were each other's other half, two perfect pieces fitting together to complete a puzzle.  

But their road to happily ever after was road blocked by Peter Hale, he bit Sara and now she's turning into something that they're quite not sure of yet. To quote Peter Hale, "Only time will tell what kind of warrior you'll be forged into." 

But with Peter Hale finally dead; Stiles, Scott, and Sara thought that all their problems would have died with him but they were wrong.. 

Because there's a new horror in town that's only purpose is to kill and it's not afraid to add the three of them to it's list. 

{follows season 2}
{I own nothing but my character and her story lines}

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sarcasticwolf67 sarcasticwolf67 May 18, 2016
LOVE THIS BOOK and the first chapter was AMAZING!!! :) Can't wait for your next update