Sex Slave To The SidePack ↠ON HOLD↞

Sex Slave To The SidePack ↠ON HOLD↞

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νєяу ιиα¢тινє By lowkeyy_ Updated May 22, 2016

"Hmm? What's that? Heard you like me?"
Vikk crept closer as I felt my back against the wall.

"U-uh.... I n-never said t-that...!"
I studdered making my stomach roll

Vikk gladly kissed me as my eyes kept getting larger. I just couldn't accept this so I immediately... Instantly shoved Vikk away and ran into my room, shutting and locking my bedroom door.

A slight knock on my door.

"Why are you so upset? Don't you like me?"
I heard Vikk's soft voice from the other side of the door. I just kept quiet and buried my face into my knees.

You know, it may seem its heaven that 2 famous YouTube groups are fighting over you and wanting to take your damn virginity. 
But they sure do a GREAT job tossing you around like a ragdoll.

SkyBluGaming SkyBluGaming Sep 16, 2016
Wow this sounds like me........ you know except for being a sex slave......oh and I'm not 13....
MilaieNether MilaieNether Nov 09, 2016
Yo dude, same birthday and same age for now! I was born in 2003!
madjono madjono May 28, 2016
WHAT THe FLACK WHY THE SHELL IS THIS GIRL 13?!?!?! 13?!?!!!!!!!!!!! AND THESES GUYS ARE- wait I don't know how old they are. Fudge. *sigh* SHE STILL TO YOUNG TO LOOSE HER VIRGINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Synless14 Synless14 Jul 21, 2016
Are we not gonna say anything about how 12 men just bought a 13 year old sex slave? Lol