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Pet My Pancakes By TheEvilOmen Updated Jul 13

My first story so go easy on me if I made lots of mistakes... it was only the past so I have improved.

An outbreak of the Blacklight Virus has breached but it hasn't been spread out in the other kingdoms. What will happen if it does reach all around Remnant? What if it falls into the wrong hands?

(Blacklight Male Reader x Blake)

**Also I don't own RWBY or [Prototype]**

JovieTydus JovieTydus May 17
Then a sign hit me in the face then i died the end roll credits
Zerostion Zerostion Apr 04
nice story, I love prototype and I was hoping someone made one of these
My name Alexander Gardener. And this is where my story begins.
Rooster Teeth needs to make a character with Alex Mercer's power but make him Grimm. That would be amazing.
Im do conserned about my dog and grandfather,  in real life they are the moast important to me
BillNyeTheRWBYGuy BillNyeTheRWBYGuy Nov 21, 2016
You Grimm boys won't like my taste. I taste like unspeakable flavours and not the good kind