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    Mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner's daughter agrees to binding vows after he reveals her ability to dragonspeech. He hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell. Taniel wants his dragon.
    Of course, it is not that simple. It never is.
    Others have plans for Taniel and they do not want Jarryd's interference. Taniel's father is of little help, having problems of his own making along with a guilty conscious.
    Add talking dragons, a gallivanting Grandmaster Wizard, kidnappings, a wicked stepfather, seductive shape shifting winged wizards, a witch or two, plotting land-locked pirates, spies, rumour of rockgoblins, a failing magical barrier, and stir well.
    What you get is A Corrangorach Fantasy.  

Taniel is Book One of The Taverner's Daughter Series. 
MATURE THEMES: A few not-particularly-graphic sex scenes. 
Violence? Could get nasty, depending on your perception. 
Drug Use? Pipe smoking, copious alcohol, and the odd potion. 
And some coarse language, of course.

TANIEL: : A  Corrangorach Fantasy can be pre-ordered at Amazon for a special low price until its release on 20 January 2017.

I wasn't lost though..but thank you for adding this glossary..
I wonder if you want to move this to the front or do you think it will spoil story items?  I found this very useful!!
A very helpful glossary. It clearly shows how much time and effort you have put into the story, and the world that you have created.