Give me love

Give me love

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JEESHWA By joshler___ Updated May 12

Josh dun and Tyler are on the road for 3 months, Tyler has a sister named Emma. and Emma's had a crush on Josh for quite some time.. Does Josh feel the same?


and a lil bit of smut.. Just a lil

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I'm 5"0 or 5"1 and weigh slightly over 100 pounds 109 if I remember correctly I'm so tiny help
I chugged a whole can of red bull right before school it was fun
audreyfm audreyfm Jun 14
5'8 145 which is a healthy weight bc I'm an athlete 🙃 but like for an average person that's supah healthy being too skinny is not good for you !!!
I got scared, by red head I thought she meant Debby. (I DON'T HATE HER)
Literally what i had for breakfast this morning, tea and crumpets XD
I can imagine him shoving her lightly but then she like, flys away from corce because he accidently hit her to hard and its actually really funny whut is love/life