Bullied By My Lover

Bullied By My Lover

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Nobody By BelliBrase4Life Completed

Kelli is an abused child and is bullied by her lover. Her lover, the one and only, Billy Unger.

Billy Unger is the school Jock and bully and bullies Kelli.

Two different people are pulled together by love. But how?

JusAlec JusAlec Dec 03, 2016
'I'm bullied by my lover.' How?? You call someone a lover, when they love you back.  Not when it's one sided 😂🙄
Random_Beauty12 Random_Beauty12 Jun 10, 2016
Whoa wait; if he's her lover doesn't that mean he's her boyfriend? If so, why would he wanna make her life miserable? Isn't he supposed to protect her
AriannaHeart103 AriannaHeart103 Nov 21, 2016
Ive already read this story but i dont remember what happens and i remember that i loved it
Dlaynie264 Dlaynie264 May 14, 2016
Did anyone think of Farkle from Girl Meets World? Or am I the only one?
Belli_Love Belli_Love Jan 19, 2016
Soo good!! Please update soon! I absolutely love this story, best one by far!
-liamdunbaby -liamdunbaby Jan 19, 2016
Plz update soon I wanna read if t.j finds out about her dad hitting her  (it so interesting )