Daddies Baby

Daddies Baby

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MeXAgainstXTheXWorld By MeXAgainstXTheXWorld Completed

Life was scary.

You think you have it all figured out and then it goes  all 360 on you, flipping everything you once thought you knew upside down. 

Addison thought he knew how to make it through the survival course that was his existence. How to hide  and be invisable to escape notice. That was what he knew.

But when he wakes up, unfamiliar with the new world around him whilst forced back into Diapers by two vampire lovers, Will he adjust and learn to accept the two men who claim to be  his new Daddies?

Or will it be too much and the inability to accept change come into motion?

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I'm a very nice person but bite that hand no you just kidnapped me put me in diapers and said you've been watching me I'm not going to make you touch me.
"We're tiny we're toony we're all a little Looney and in this cartoony  we're envading your TV." Tiny Toons (baby Looney Toon's in case you forgot) 😊
HorrorKool HorrorKool Mar 15
If i was in this situation id beed scared af for the first few days then slowly get used to it
Oml I would say that lol. The of their day I said "its like eating Disney turds" so I could see myslef saying that.
Laycia Laycia Jun 14
If its is thats non of ya'lls business and not your place to do all this js
Ahahahhaha u think thats without stress? Its more stressful with head space and reluctants and having to keep him under control