The Dominant Duo

The Dominant Duo

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A day dreamer and a night thinker. By howlingwolf Updated May 15

{Contains a wide range of sexual content.}

  Two brothers, one librarian and a book full of fantasies. What could possibly go wrong in this tale of love, lust and lechery?

Cassie never imagined falling for the infuriating brothers of her new best friend when she met them at the club that night. She vowed to stay away, afraid of getting hurt yet the more she tried the more Cassie found herself in their presents, her desires running wild and her resistance slowly but surely waining...
Francis and Kole had made it their mission to make the sexy little minx that hid behind her shyness not only their Submissive but also their lover. They didn't realise it would be so hard and yet they promised to make her more than just a kinky one night stand.

Add a possessive ex, a crazy sex slave and a tragedy into the mix and suddenly Cassie's life is spiralling out of control and despite her demons she's reaching for the two people who she will end up hurting the most, The Dominant Duo.

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Hades_Lazy_Ninja Hades_Lazy_Ninja Sep 29, 2017
Haha it's awesome! Cant wait for you to finish the book already so i can read it in one shot! 😝😂
itskaren1998 itskaren1998 Jul 04, 2016
I thought the red heads name if Francis and the other girls name is Gabrielle
Kiy_Black_Dahlia Kiy_Black_Dahlia Feb 09, 2016
It was a good chapter. Would have liked a scene from the black book but still pretty decent
Monstercuk Monstercuk Jul 08, 2016
The cover of this book. The guy has some hard a nipplez 😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 but I his body 😍
Kiy_Black_Dahlia Kiy_Black_Dahlia Jan 19, 2016
Omg!!!!!! Yessssss. Keep writing. I'm so freaking hooked. I almost cried, wondering where the rest of the book was