M'Ladybug | Adrinette//Ladynoir

M'Ladybug | Adrinette//Ladynoir

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Marinette has always been invisible, which comes in handy saving the streets of Paris as Ladybug. Adrien is the opposite, always the center of attention whether he's Chat Noir or himself. 

Hiding behind a mask of their own emotions, they have to overcome obstacles. Marinette is falling hard for Adrien, but he doesn't return the feeling because he loves Ladybug. They both love a part of each other, but will they be able to love each other as a whole? 

Can they defeat the odds and find love while saving Paris?

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XxBriThewriterXx XxBriThewriterXx Aug 01, 2017
You need him. Remember half of the season!? My point exactly
WyvernWhisperer WyvernWhisperer Dec 13, 2017
@hightopreads AAAA??? I haven't logged on here in FOREVER and I only saw now that you dedicated this to me??? hsajhkd I don't know why, but thaNK YOU!!
XxJozzyxX XxJozzyxX Sep 10, 2017
Leave the girl alone, like you havn't done it. I may have not, but I've never loved anyone so why would I.
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Oct 25, 2017
                              oh fuckin jesus
                              my god
                              i cannot even i
this happens waaay too much and its freaking obvious she likes him... its so cute
XxJozzyxX XxJozzyxX Sep 10, 2017
Aka my life. My friends think it's really funny because I'm the most ticklish person ever. Then they touch my side and it's all over. So they do it several times aday leavinge to do something embaressing and akward. I love my friends, yah.