My Missing Piece [{Read A/N. ChapterOne}]

My Missing Piece [{Read A/N. ChapterOne}]

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Avalynn (Ay-Va-Lynn) and her boyfriend Dax have just broken up...sort of and she wants a relationship with her best friend Carson. He wants the same but keeps telling her no even after everything they've done together. Avalynn knows Carson inside and out and she knows he wants to be with whats holding him back?

Carson's falling for Avalynn, hard and he's never been in a "serious" relationship. He doesn't know if he's ready for the commitment that comes along with being in love. He also never was a guy to mess up a friendship over a girl but this isn't just any girl and Dax isn't really all that much of a friend. So what is he supposed to do when Dax comes to him practically begging him to get him and Avalynn back together?

---This isn't really what I had in mind but it might work out nicely.?

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