Rejecting The Omega

Rejecting The Omega

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Matkins26 By Matkins26 Updated Sep 24

Clare Jackson made one mistake when she was 14 which affects her entire life.  Her brothers disowned her and turned everyone else against Clare also.  She was abused and hated by everyone; now her 18th birthday, the day she can finally find her mate.  Soon to be Alpha Joseph, instantly rejects her and makes sure she never tells anyone.
Soon To Be Alpha Joseph Danielson, never wanted a mate.  He has the all the hottest women in the pack, why need a mate?  Especially one like Clare Jackson; short, and plain.  SHE CAN'T EVEN TURN, DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A WOLF? She'll never be my Luna.

When Clare runs away she ends up accidentally ends up in the strongest & most dangerous packs territory, The Dark Lupus Moon.  There is where she meets her 2nd chance mate and learns of the prophecy made just for her.

Clare's life has the biggest change in the world, learning it is up to her to save all Wolves. Oh and she has 2 mates.
A/N: I know it's different, it just sounds crazy. That's why I like it.

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