Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}

Shadow Guardian{VA fanfic}

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Lizzy Paige By worldreader18 Completed

Rose is hurt after Dimitri says he doesn't love her anymore, and Lissa isn't helping. So Rose decides to leave for a while, only telling a few people she disappears. Six years later she's summoned back to court after an attack that nearly killed her friends.

What will the gang think when Rose returns? 
Will Rose be able to protect her friends and the secret she's kept hidden?

cover made by @WonderCat77

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these time jumps are happening too fast and too close together. space it out a little. this isn't a standardized test where you have to write and essay that fits a box. you  can take up as many pages as you want.
BookAddict_4_Now BookAddict_4_Now Mar 11, 2017
The only thing you messed up are Eddie and Mia so don't worry😊
xXdragonlillyXx xXdragonlillyXx Jan 05, 2017
I'm only on indigo spell so......
                              Adrian and Sydney sent even together yet in that one there close but not yet
Pipigrin Pipigrin Mar 07, 2017
Like the way you ve moved the story along with the main information.   Small talk just takes up space. Great job
RhiMH1 RhiMH1 Jul 23, 2016
One thing is that Sydney and Adrian are married two days later they help a friend by adopting his new born son.
book-lover2131 book-lover2131 Mar 07, 2016
Not to sound rude but women have nine months of pregnancy and to miss three months of a menstrual cycle that's pretty obvious that somethings going on