The Broken Girl

The Broken Girl

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She just wanted some one to love her. Love her the way she thought he did. But she knew no one would ever feel that way about her. Why would they, she was the most hated person ever. She was worthless, at least that what she thought. Until he came along. He showed her what love really was. And the once broken girl was fixed.

Shelby was the girl no one talked to. The one who stayed to herself and out of every ones way. She knew no one liked her, and that hurt but she couldn't d.o any thing about it. Only he could, but he never would. Why ruin some ones life and then try to fix it, right?

Tristan was the opposite. Every one knew him. He was happy, and out going, had tons of friends. Which is why Shelby was shocked when he started talking to her.

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But hey, your a 10/10 in some ones eyes, right?

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IneffableSmiles IneffableSmiles May 29, 2016
I've always loved the name Tristan, it makes me feel some type of way xd
AnonAndPeoples AnonAndPeoples Mar 24, 2016
I have to say, That this chapter is amazing! I really love how you worded it!