west of california [ryden]

west of california [ryden]

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Being the only homosexual in a town full of heterosexuals is extremely stressful. Who even cares about actually finding someone that'll love you anymore? Now, it's just keeping the people who are important to you from knowing.

   - mentions of joncer

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Its always so weird for me to say "brendon" out loud in school cause theres this guy this my grade names Brendon too, so i usually gotta say Urie at the end so peeps don't think im talking about the other brendon. Ya...
frnklyiero frnklyiero Nov 10
Double-clap for
                              My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by FOB
                              Centuries by FOB
                              Hallelujah by P!ATD
                              Nearly Witches by P!ATD
                              But It's Better If You Do by P!ATD
His name doesn't mean that much to me bc I've got a brother who's called brendon and he's a douchbag pretty much
OhMyGrohl OhMyGrohl Oct 30
I love the mcr refferences on the comments you guys are the best
frnklyiero frnklyiero Nov 10
If the food is great then I prolly wouldnt mind sitting alone
my school doesn't have an usual ending time? It ends at a specific time every day