Best Books On Wattpad

Best Books On Wattpad

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Tired of the same Bad Boy Stories?
Tired of those werewolf stories that always seem to have the same plots? 
Searching for something memorable and worth your time? 

Well, step into my office for a moment, will you? 

 Using the years I have been on wattpad, combined with the various genres I have read over the years, I have compiled a list of the best stories on wattpad (In my opinion). Some will be extremely underrated, some will be very well known, but I guarantee that they will not disappoint in the slightest.

P.s. Feel free to comment on my "Book Hole" chapter for reccomendations or anywhere in the book, honestly. Or, you can inbox me, either is fine.

Sweetdreamer23311 Sweetdreamer23311 Apr 23, 2016
This is so true I remember crying in class because a really good book on watt pad had come to an end and by crying I mean tears and everything everyone was like omg why u crying I'm like the book finished Wat am I going to do with my life now
Juliette_Aurora Juliette_Aurora May 26, 2016
We're not allowed to say our own story, are we? Lol thought I'd give it a shot :p
This is really great, thank you!! I'm excited to see some of the stories you recommend for us to read :D
megs328 megs328 Oct 23, 2016
Finally someone done who understands! Reading a book and then to find out the last few chapters are not done..😞
SaskiaFlies SaskiaFlies Dec 27, 2016
Most of the time it A STUPID AUTHORS  NOTE APOLOGIZING LIKE BITCH DON'T APOLOGIZE! UPDATE! But then, they have lives to so I can't sy that to them
EaEason EaEason Jun 02, 2016
If you haven't checked anything out by makeandoffer you need to. Her stories are brilliant. All are finished besides Monster Inside of my Bed. Which is fan-freaking-tasting. Check her out. She's amazon.