Chat Noir x Male Reader!

Chat Noir x Male Reader!

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KokomiAsahina By KokomiAsahina Updated Jan 23, 2016

It was a lonely night in the streets of Paris, and you were walking back home after school. What you didn't know was that a simple night like that could change your entire life! 

(Disclaimer, I do not own Cat Noir nor do I intend to use this for any personal gain except letting out my crazy fantasies.)

PS: Sorry if the image content sucks, but I hope the story itself makes up for it!

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Ghoulius Ghoulius Mar 13, 2017
I'd shove it in his skin tight pocket. *seinfeld theme blares*
OasisMari OasisMari 7 days ago
Well, life is a biiiiiitch. You can't do anything to stop iiiit. If you kill yourself, there's still life in heaven and heeeeeell.
Illegaldwarf411 Illegaldwarf411 Aug 05, 2017
Well you know Chat has only one parent cause his mom died. And I mean we all know Hawkmoth is his dad and if the final battle kills his dad he's like half Batman but he's Catman instead and hey it rhymes soooo
Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Oct 28, 2016
eEuEugh he's giving me rapey vibes stay away from him, Name!
Devil_Spawn Devil_Spawn Feb 08, 2016
Unintentional pun. He's a cat and he fished something out to eat
Kanadzuchi Kanadzuchi May 07, 2016
So, this is actually a setup so that he won't get to "Adrien's" house?