Chat Noir x Male Reader!

Chat Noir x Male Reader!

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KokomiAsahina By KokomiAsahina Updated Jan 23, 2016

It was a lonely night in the streets of Paris, and you were walking back home after school. What you didn't know was that a simple night like that could change your entire life! 

(Disclaimer, I do not own Cat Noir nor do I intend to use this for any personal gain except letting out my crazy fantasies.)

PS: Sorry if the image content sucks, but I hope the story itself makes up for it!

Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Oct 28, 2016
eEuEugh he's giving me rapey vibes stay away from him, Name!
Devil_Spawn Devil_Spawn Feb 08, 2016
Unintentional pun. He's a cat and he fished something out to eat
crazylollipop749 crazylollipop749 Jan 31, 2016
did he change my clothes or i went to school in cat onesie ?
Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Cl3V3R_US3RN4M3 Oct 28, 2016
Well I mean no wonder you have bad grades name you don't even pay attention you need good grades to not be a hobo and die of hunger which is not a good plan I am personally on your mothers side this is not a good issue
Kanadzuchi Kanadzuchi May 07, 2016
So, this is actually a setup so that he won't get to "Adrien's" house?
ThatIsNotAHat ThatIsNotAHat Jan 12, 2016
Thank you for updating! 
                              I was actually so happy when I saw that you posted