Apple Blossoms: A Regency Fairytale (FCRAs 2016 Winner)

Apple Blossoms: A Regency Fairytale (FCRAs 2016 Winner)

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Britain Kalai Soderquist By britainkalai Completed

It is a truth universally acknowledged that magic is required for a young lady to find her "happily ever after" in a fairytale. But what if the magic is removed? Is it possible to find true love when the world is perfectly ordinary?

Margaret Kingston is the most sought-after young lady of the London Season. Her wealth and beauty have no equal. But her hopes of making a suitable match are quickly dashed by Walter Boland, the stepbrother of her dearest friend Bianca. With help from a roguish Marquis, Walter attempts to convince Margaret to marry him, threatening to ruin her reputation in the process. Margaret's parents decide the only solution is to send Margaret into hiding. Deep in the Welsh countryside, she assumes a new identity under the watchful eye of her mother's three maiden aunts, and meets the handsome Colonel Arthur Phillips, a Light Dragoon who served in the Napoleonic War. As their romance blossoms, Margaret shares her thoughts with Bianca through their correspondence.

Bianca, meanwhile, has her hands full as she foils Walter's search for her friend, and attempts to protect the gentlemen of London from the wiles of her beautiful but cruel stepmother. Her partner in the endeavor is another military man, Captain Edward Winters, and together they succeed in chasing away a flock of her stepmother's potential suitors. Everything is going according to plan until Bianca's enthusiasm for the pranks goes too far, causing Edward to question whether it is Bianca or her stepmother whose behavior is suspect.

Set in Regency-era England and Wales, and inspired by Mozart's "Don Giovanni," and Jane Austen's little-known work "Lady Susan," this is another historical retelling of two classic fairytales: "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White."

This work is a draft in progress.

*Author's Note: I am very open to suggestions on the name. Feel free message me if you think of something more suitable.*

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Elize-Remi Elize-Remi Oct 23, 2017
So excited to finally be starting this story! I loved Glass Roses and can't wait to see what you do with this one! :)
time_truth_hearts time_truth_hearts Nov 08, 2017
Re-reading again! I hope you self publish this one in the future as I have Glass Roses in Hardcover. Please don’t stop writing 😁
thomaseng thomaseng Jan 19
I like the first chapter as a letter. Very interesting so far.
I love this already! What a refreshing approach at writing. Perhaps one day I too shall adopt the theme of letters in one of my own stories :) I am addicted, and now settle in to distract myself with the remainder of your superlative work! Keep writing!
JenniferMcKeithen JenniferMcKeithen Mar 14, 2017
Oh, what a lovely melange of ideas! And I'm certain dear Jane would approve of your style! :-)
AdelynAnn AdelynAnn Apr 08, 2016
I'm so giddy to start reading this story!  Based on this first letter and the summary I can't wait! I'm a huge fan of mozart's operas and Jane Austen so you can consider me very very intrigued! I loved all the drama in just this first letter  -- I can't wait to see how this all unfolds.