What If...(H.S.)

What If...(H.S.)

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4th September 2016 - #815 in Random

Girl: you're like Harry Styles

Boy: hmm...

Girl: what hmm... I compared you with the Harry Styles. This is the best compliment ever!

A girl named Zania who used to spend her most of the time on Twitter. She's a normal girl and living a normal life until her fate took a twist. She met a boy on Twitter. Without knowing each other they fell in love. They didn't fell in love with their identity rather they fell in love with each other, they fell in love with who they really were from inside.

But little did she know that she was not in love with an ordinary person but someone who rules over thousands of teenage girls' hearts

**It's a S.U. story
S.U. = Similar Universe**

***this story belongs to me. So no copying :)
If it reassembles to some other story then it's totally coincidence and I'm sorry for that***

RunningWithZiall RunningWithZiall Sep 07, 2016
Woah. *grabs popcorn and sits on couch* let's get back to the fight
bethan_davies bethan_davies Sep 28, 2016
I don't miss my stupid kilt but I hate deciding what to wear in the morning
tommo_angel tommo_angel Jan 16
Hey i'm from directioners amino.
                              Btw I'm from Bangladesh too😃😇🇧🇩
whatamifeeling whatamifeeling Aug 25, 2016
can you have the edited updates soon .. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee 😍😍
-browniee- -browniee- Jun 22, 2016
mrshemmiings06 mrshemmiings06 Aug 08, 2016
That earthquake thingy is legit! May i ask you, where you're from?☺💚