Life Can Be Fun! | Kamigami No Asobi (⚠️On Hold⚠️)

Life Can Be Fun! | Kamigami No Asobi (⚠️On Hold⚠️)

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Jаsмгие By Jasmine_AT Updated May 08

⚠️ warning: On Hold ⚠️ 

What happens when a six year old girl gets transported into the realm of the gods? Her assignment is to teach the gods love and fun. 

Celia-chan is six years old and gets transported in to the gods academy.
What she didn't know is that gods existed and that they need to learn about humans. She goes through adventures and hardships. Hardships you ask? Well this little girl can be so oblivious about what she is doing and what she's done. She drags a lot of people into trouble. Even then everyone admires her. 

What will happen when the gods get too attached to her?
What happens when she suddenly disappears?

"What are you?"

"I am merely a human."
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Kamigami No Asobi. But my Oc and some of my story.

This story won't go like the anime. Sometimes it will but I'll bring other adventures into it.

                              Takeru always seemes like he was always on his man period 
                              Tsukito is so submissive and quiet he can be mistaken for a dog
Angelcharms33 Angelcharms33 Oct 23, 2016 911...IM HAVING A KAWAII OVERLOAD!!!!*jumps out window like a badass*
firelilly99 firelilly99 Mar 15, 2016
Please update soon! I really like the story and Cecilia is so funny😂😇💃🏼