The One to Rule Them All (being edited)

The One to Rule Them All (being edited)

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Lexa By _reallytho_ Updated Jul 22, 2017

Exerpt from book: 

His confusion is gone and replaced by anger, his head whips around to face Luciano who has already began to unbutton his white dress shirt. I swallow my laughter and tilt my head now its my turn to be confused, what is he doing?

Luciano completely strips until he wears nothing but boxers, he turns his gaze to Adriano who answers him with a brisk nod. 

It happens so fast my brain can barely catch up and comprehend what I witnessed. In Luciano's place stood a large wolf with silky grey fur and a dark patch on his left ear. My jaw dropped to the floor, Adriano walked in front me next to the large wolf and placed one hand on its back. 

"Perhaps I was not clear enough with my previous statement. Sweetie. Every person on this island is of a unique breed. Unlike humans, they are children of the moon blessed with a secret that has been kept out of the blind view of the ignorant since the beginning," he sneered.

"We are bella,"  


  • alpha
  • god
  • mate
  • possessive
  • seductive

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