Yandere!guy x reader (ᴹᴱ wíthσut чσu)

Yandere!guy x reader (ᴹᴱ wíthσut чσu)

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<Neko ~ Banana> By BananaOtaku109 Updated Mar 19, 2016

You had your first day at whatever school you wanted. When you noticed this..... Guy just keeps following you. Could he be a stalker? An assassin? Or even a YANDERE? Its is your job to find the pieces of this puzzle little by little....the truth is about to be unravelled

Time line is not accurate of current order of chapters

Good luck to tryin to find the pieces >:)

I like the word unravel so much.... >w<

Bai now

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Lucifer_Kai_Cerr Lucifer_Kai_Cerr Jun 24, 2017
                              My namw is Kai lol
                              We have the same name lolololol
She looks like black rabbit from mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo
Y0URM0MoC0M Y0URM0MoC0M Aug 14, 2016
Why am I supposed to be such a bitçh in this story? (´・_・`)
sadgroupie sadgroupie Jul 19, 2016
You know you're the main character of an anime when you are seated next to a window.
SandyManglicmot146 SandyManglicmot146 May 14, 2016
Author chan, I like the cover and the rabbit girl in the picture.
Dainty_Doughnut Dainty_Doughnut Mar 25, 2016
Author-senpi,I have made a very kawaiidesu voice for you, be proud! (^O^)/