No Love Allowed

No Love Allowed

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"Just allow me to show you how sorry I am and how much I love you, Portea."

"Clayton, I'm sorry but I can't allow you to love me. How can I love you back if I can't remember you.... or what I did to you?" 

Porter Long; 19 years old and can't remember anything before her 16th birthday She's known for her slick tongue, beautiful mind, and cold heart. Caught in the middle of a world-wind she can't get out of....... How could she get out of it if she couldn't even remember it. .....

Clayton DuBoise; 23 Years old with a 4 Year old daughter because they were abandoned by the mother of his child. He had what he found was necessary, a pot to piss in, a job, Money, and his daughter. Everyone thought he was always bitter but it's only one person who had done the damage and everyday he made her life hell...... Portea Long.... The one he THOUGHT she knew everything she was doing.....only a little bit too late did he realize she had no clue......

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