Rewrite: Blind || Naruto Fanfic

Rewrite: Blind || Naruto Fanfic

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Ayu By FreakAOtaku Updated Dec 28, 2016

"What if I'm blind? I can 'see' by myself. I don't need your pity. I want to prove that people with disabilities can become anything! That's my Ninja Way!"

"I envy those who have a happy childhood...because I never had one."

"I just want someone to love me..."

"Spoiled? More like neglected."

Once there was a small clan in the Land of Water called Namidagakure. They weren't that special and no one barely knew them. They were only known for their Kekkei Genkai, Yushagan. When the wife of the head of the village gives birth to a new baby girl, they were displeased. The baby girl had oddly bright yellow eyes unlike them, and she was to pale, like a ghost. Disgusted with the child they created, they treated her like a slave to the household. The girl just wanted a normal life. She wanted people to lover her because of who she is, not what she looked like.

And it all changed.

The clan was murdered by a person that treated Umiko as a equal, except when they were in front of their parents.

And there were only 3 survivors.

Mikami Umiko is a blind girl. Having to not see by having her sight taken away, was a pretty painful and hard thing to learn by herself. After her clan being wiped out by her brother, she roamed the ninja world, and came across Konoha. The village hidden in the leaves. But there's something she doesn't know. A power that can kill anyone if she uses it. So she runs away. Leaving everyone she loves behind to protect them. Especially a certain red head. And returns after 4 years.

(I don't own Naruto. And I don't own Umiko. She is the blind girl in the anime called 'Black Bullet.' I only own the characters I make).

Hey guys! So this is a rewrite for Blind. I reread the book and thought it was stupid. So this one will hopefully be more...exciting.


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•rewrite of the the original book 'Blind'
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