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My Step-Brother A Player?

My Step-Brother A Player?

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xXxLS123xXx By xXxLS123xXx Updated Feb 04

"I know you want me Mia..." he whispered into my ear. His voice husky and deep.

"N-no I-I don't," I replied trying to keep my voice steady but failing miserably.

I backed up, but to only find myself trapped between a wall and Jared who was closing in.. and fast.

"Your body seems to say otherwise Mimi," I couldn't help it when I shudder with pleasure. What is he doing to my body?! I've never felt like this before and to be honest it scares me. Scares me a lot for many reasons.

"Mmmm Mia," I felt him run his nose up my neck were he would leave little kiss here and there.

"J-Jared you should-" I tried telling him to stop, but when he kissed below my ear I let out a moan. Which basically for him told him to continue and he did. He sucked, he nibbled and kept moans coming out of my mouth.

"Mimi y-" but he was cut off by a door opening.....

Meet Mia and Jared
There your typical teenagers you can say. However they each have a secret, a secret there not ready to tell at all.

    Mia has been through a lot, but she never shows it. She just shows a big bright smile and hides it all. But if you look hard enough you can see pain and it probably the worst pain anyone could go through, but there's one were she will never forget. This brought pain to not only her but her mom. She was sure that her mom would never find happiness after what he did to them, but 2 years later she meet Brian and Brian has a son Jared. 

      Jared is a player he is well know to be. But he never was a player. He use to be a sweet, caring, a gentleman and your dream guy. But things happen, people change you can say and that's what happens when he meet a little brunette who was more trouble then its worth. 

What happens when they meet?
What happens when sparks start to fly?
What happens when the people you wouldn't expect to see, you see? 
Or when Old feelings come back? But most important of all what happens when you fall in love with the wrong person?

flowerbun flowerbun Oct 14, 2016
I do this all the time... but the fridge literally have nothing
vensume vensume Nov 09, 2016
1_XO_1 1_XO_1 3 days ago
Thought it said naughty girl I was like oops once again I have stumbled upon a daddy kink book
DelusionalReesa DelusionalReesa Sep 04, 2016
See I don't dress "girly" unless on special occasions but I'm not full on tom. I basically just like to look good.
PrettyInStitches PrettyInStitches Sep 18, 2016
I used to love apples I ate like 5 a day but now my stomach gets queasy when I eat them 😖