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A Man Can Change - A Draco/Hermione Story

A Man Can Change - A Draco/Hermione Story

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Krystal By ImaginaryKrystal Updated Apr 02, 2012

Pesky Death Eaters and Horcrux hunting changed Hermione's plans for her 7th year dramatically, but after the defeat of the Dark Lord and the take down of most of his followers, Hermione and her friends decide to play out their 7th year as it should have been, and to have a year free of drama. This is also the same plan of one of their enemies, Draco Malfoy. His life hadn't been a bunch of laughs either during the war, and after he and his mother were set free, with Harry Potter's plea they were somewhat innocent, Draco wanted a chance to try one more year of school, also Drama free. So what happens when the two find out they are the school's new Head Prefects? Hermione can see something different about her former enemy - he's completely changed. Is it just an act? Or has Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts badass actually changed? Will they get along now he seems different? Or will they be throwing hexes at each other every night in their common room? Only time will tell.
I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS: J.K.Rowling owns them, this is purely a fanfiction written by a huge HP fan =D

I want to read every books in my wattpad library that is literally a Dramione library
dementialove dementialove Jul 04, 2016
This reminded me of Fred and George's sweets that they would make,  and then test on first years........ 
                              *sobs and dies again*
That_Huflepuff_Idiot That_Huflepuff_Idiot Dec 24, 2016
**Angry that's he's prejudiced through all the books-- casts shade because he WAS a Death Eater...**
I've always wondered, if weasleys are known to have lots of children, how come ron/ginny/the twins never met any of their cousins? don't they go to hogwarts too?
NightSports NightSports Nov 13, 2016
"Nothing to worry about." Of course he jinxed them all. I'm now realizing.
ViaIsKawaii ViaIsKawaii Nov 14, 2016
Muggles are just oblivious to everything. My friend and I were dueling in public and everyone just walked by and carried on  with their day...