Attack on titan x Reader [Lemons]

Attack on titan x Reader [Lemons]

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Snowy Senpai By A_Wolf_In_The_Snow Updated Mar 16, 2016

Just as the title suggests it's just book of attack on titan lemons, Featuring you. 


You have been warned.

Anyway I hope you're not looking for something good as I... You know haven't wrote anything like this before...

This will be updated when I get artists block as that seems to be the time I get the best writing ideas. 

Any Whale I hope you enjoy this book even if it is terrible xD 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own attack on titan or any of the characters included in this book.

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hazeltheoc hazeltheoc Oct 01, 2017
Ash: I believe they make yellow colored concealer to cover bruises.
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Jul 04, 2017
Me: *screeches in surpise*
                              "FÛCK ME IN THE AŚSHOLE DADDY"
                              *awkard pause*
                              Me: *whispers* "I said that out loud didn't I?"
                              Levi: "You did."
                              *stumbles and falls then ends up like Eren did after Annie beat his aśs*
                              Me: "So... wanna?"
                              Levi: "No." *turns around and leaves*
astinbryson astinbryson May 24, 2017
Very well done for your first one! Don't you worry; it always feels awkward and even after writing about five Lemons myself, I'm still not used to it hehehe!
I would be covering my crotch rather than any other part of my body. That place for some reason to me, needs to be covered more than the other parts.
HeheCakes HeheCakes Aug 08, 2017
how to get out of this situation.
                              1. scream; KACHIGA MAH NIGGA
                              2. watch him leave like a one night stand
Me: I question what I'm doing with my life..
                              Person: What life?
                              Me: True. I have no life.