Medeina • td

Medeina • td

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"You're my hero."


Medeina Belle is new to Gotham, a place she never wanted to go. Forced by her father to cover her ability, she has no choice other than to be an outsider, loner, etc. "Caged," she likes to call it. But then she slowly starts to disobey her father's rules, of course under someone's influence. She meets people who will become her supportive friends, rivals, and the one who brought the rain of pain upon her in the first place: her first love...

(Tim Drake/Red Robin Fanfic)


Watch as I read this for the tenth time because its too good to read once
............. WHY DOES SHE SOUND SO BRITISH IN MY HEAD?!.........
Im just gonna leave a fast comment, but I'm really like I ng your writing style so far, excited to read further😙😙😙
@ToodlesTops I really like your covers. Do you make them yourself?
The most unusual name ever and one of the ones people think of along with Bob and Steve lol
Me too! I don't know why, but it's on my list (along with a gay friend, nerd friend, and ice skating friend lol)