The Bad Boy is My BFF

The Bad Boy is My BFF

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milknhoney99 By milknhoney99 Updated Jul 18, 2019

Arms wrap around my waist and tug me to a body. I look up to find Gabe looking down at me with a small smirk. My eyes widen as I try to pull out of his grip but he just pulls me more against him.

He grabs my waist with one hand and stared me in the eyes.

My face flushes a rosy pink as I look down at our touching bodies.

"Aww you're blushing", he laughs in my ear and moves me and him in the same beat of the song.

"Of course I'm blushing, every girl likes a guy with abs", I grumble while staring at his chest.

"So you like me?" He smirks.

"For my own personal amusement I'll say no", I mutter getting lost in his exotic green eyes.

"Aren't we gonna have a fun summer?" He says with his stupid smirk planted on his face.

Caution: Curse words and innuendos.