The Awakening  [Book 1] (Draft)

The Awakening [Book 1] (Draft)

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Rachele By RM_Spinella Updated Jun 27, 2017

August 28th. That date will forever be incinerated in my mind. It was the day that my life fell apart. I wouldn't have said that I had the perfect life  till now. I had friends, loving parents and the perfect boyfriend.

 Life seemed perfect, but all it takes is a split second and your world can come crashing down. Now, I'm not the girl I once was. Three things were clear to me in that moment. One, my parents were murdered, worse bit of it I had witnessed the entire thing. Two, my family is forcing me to see a shrink because they think I'm crazy. And thirdly, I honestly I wouldn't blame them for thinking that but I know what I saw the night my parents were murdered. 

It doesn't help that I'm starting to see other things too. Part of me doesn't believe any of what I'm seeing, but another part says that it's real.  My mind simply wants to forget everything but it can't. Every image, every sound, every touch will forever be there. Like a scar that will never heal or fade. But always be there as a reminder of that night. 

Alright so maybe I'm crazy, but I am not lying. If your smart, close this book right now and go back to your normal life never to think of this book again. But if your brave enough, I warn you that once you open this door there will be no going back. With knowledge and the truth there is always a price to pay. - 

Sequel: A Touch of Darkness

Currently in the Process of being rewritten. Coming soon late December 2017.

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