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The Awakening  [Book 1] (Draft)

The Awakening [Book 1] (Draft)

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Rachele By RM_Spinella Updated Jun 27, 2017

Jessalyn Smith's life was as ordinary as ordinary could be. Living with her family in Salem, Massachusetts. She was popular, had many friends, a hot football player boyfriend. What she deemed as perfect, or so it would seem. 

     But when tragedy strikes, she shuts down completely. Unable to forget and unwilling to move on. Jesse struggles with depression and self-blame, that seems to have taken hold of her as well as taken a toll on her body. She is incapable of accepting her parents death as an accident. 

    Jesse believes her parents death wasn't an accident and that they were murdered. But her claims fall on deaf ears, as no one believes her. Doctors deemed her unstable because she had witnessed something traumatic and there is no evidence to support those claims. After everything she finds herself being forced to see a psychologist, despite her protests. 

    Along with this, her return to school after a month is far from great. No longer popular, or have any real friends; Jesse finds herself on the isolated and even more alone. And those who she thought were her true friends, start to show their true colors. Despite this harsh new reality, Jesse crosses paths and reunites with an old childhood friend.

     Christian Richardson, childhood friend and her neighbor. She finds herself drawn to him from the moment they cross paths once again. Especially after a fire in the gymnasium on the night of school dance. She had been so sure that she wasn't going to make it out that night. But it seems fate has a change in plans. She isn't sure what happened but she is certain that Christian is somehow connected to events taking place. 
    What sinister secrets will Jesse learn about her small town of Salem Massachusetts? What of her parents death? Was it really an accident or is there more to it? And who exactly is Christian Richardson? What could he be hiding? 

In the process of being rewritten.

  • ghosts
  • vampires
  • werewolves
  • witches