Middle School Miniature

Middle School Miniature

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Dimondgirl_ema By Diamondgirl_ema Updated Mar 21

I still remember my life when it was normal, average, plain. Nothing of any importance ever happened. I stand up slowly and look up into the huge green eyes of my friend. 

"don't go!" he pleads softly. I look down in pain.

"I have to," I say, "I can't let anyone else get hurt." Silently, I sob. 

"I'm sorry." I say, and jump off the edge into oblivion.

The life of a confused 13 year old girl in middle school. Becomes small?        

If you think there is no chance of life being extrodanary, let me prove you wrong. Humor is encouraged.

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Copyright is mine

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It be really coo.

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lonesomelion lonesomelion Nov 14, 2017
I wish our school had sporks. To save money they just cut the straws in half and hope you can still drink outta them.
KatyWitty13 KatyWitty13 Mar 21
I never had to go through that. because the kids always got either one thing or another, and then whatever sides they wanted. That still applies now that I'm in High School too
Wildstar_Wildheart Wildstar_Wildheart Nov 24, 2017
none of the schools in my district have lockers... aside from PE. And one of my friends played violin in 8th grade. She still knows. how to play, even though her electives were different in her freshman and sophomore years...
KatyWitty13 KatyWitty13 Mar 21
She would be either 11, or 12. Cause normally a 13 year old would be in 7th grade
my sister plays alto saxophone! she's kinda the only one that plays in her section tho - i play the flute but now i'm just rambling XD
KatyWitty13 KatyWitty13 Mar 21
Didn't even have any straws, we had spoons, and that was about it. Oh wait! No, we had forks too. I think... It's hard to remember that