Konoha High's F4s Boys(Sasuke X Reader X Naruto)

Konoha High's F4s Boys(Sasuke X Reader X Naruto)

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AllyR0se By AllyR0se Updated Apr 05, 2017

(F/n) (L/n) got a scholarship for music and art to go to Konoha High School. She don't know the school that well but she gets the hang of it. As she is walking around the school, she noticed a bunch of students gathering by the front door. 

She is curious to see what the students are fussing about. When (F/n) gets there she sees four guys who are called  the F4s. She isn't phased by them or fan girls over them but later on, she meets them....

(Note: I don't own any Naruto series but the story. It's a Naruto crossover with Boys over flowers)

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Moonlight_Beauty24 Moonlight_Beauty24 Dec 25, 2017
I always hated Sakura and Karin. 
                              Queens? More like fucknuggets!
Me: pffft y’all must be queens only because u guys r such royal pains in the ass
Candykittycat54 Candykittycat54 Nov 25, 2017
Tch really more like the sluts of konoha high.Like I need fake ass friend like you.
Anime1230 Anime1230 May 03, 2016
Sai sounds like my sister mixed with my mom how sad I thought he was a guy honestly I don't think guys act like what he just acted like.
zuzumimaya zuzumimaya Feb 10, 2017
What das dobe mean? I mean I know what Baka is but what is dobe?🤔
AlexAnime2665 AlexAnime2665 Jun 26, 2016
(Candy candy )😜 if you get the reference I'll over you forever