My Awesome Fake Grandma && Don't Worry You Got Me *Finished* :D

My Awesome Fake Grandma && Don't Worry You Got Me *Finished* :D

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Angel Marie Sie ran away from home because of intense family problems. She drove her black Cadillac from Oakland all the way to west Virginia. She now lives in a cave and starts an interesting new life as she finishes her Senior Year. c=

Plus, Don't Worry You Got Me Story. :D

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MariahEMorris MariahEMorris Aug 30, 2012
Hey sweetie, love the story, if you like i can help you just call or email i posted my book on here also. HATES CATCH 22 BOOK OF VERBOTEN. I will be posting book 2 in a few days let me know what you think.
Impression Impression Jul 15, 2012
I like the story but one thing West Virginia and Virginia are two different states. I know it because I live in West Virginia. If it was apart of Virginia then we would only have 49 states.
PerfectMurderer PerfectMurderer Jul 09, 2011
@tweety51 :O Really!? Stupid Yahoo Answers! Thanks! I don't live there so, thanks! ;D
20Hanna15 20Hanna15 Jul 09, 2011
I'm from West Virginia and I have to say... yes there are wolves here. In fact my old school's mascot was the wolf, Warm Springs Wolves. I just had to say that.
everkind everkind Feb 25, 2011
Cool! I liked it! Though you should separate the paragraphs more, it was a little difficult for me to read. 
Fab4Freak Fab4Freak Nov 15, 2010
It's a pretty good story. The title made me laugh! Thought in the beginning she left and it was really over nothing.