The Alpha's Ballerina (#Wattys2016)

The Alpha's Ballerina (#Wattys2016)

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Aryel By DauntlessScorpio Completed

The shy, quiet girl who sits in back of class is the last person you would think to be a werewolf right? Well, Abigail Mason is just that. She wants to just blend in and disappear. The only place she is ever truly herself is in the ballet studio where she graces the floor with dances.

But as fate would have it the one day she dances out of her comfort zone one foot steps into another packs territory and the Alpha, the most popular guy in the state and one of the most known in the country,  just happens to be her mate? This shy quiet girl might let  this man dance into her heart.

But is she ready to leave the comfort of her own shell to find out?


My first werewolf story so please don't hate on it too much!

Cover by @saudi_araybia

internetsprincess internetsprincess Nov 02, 2016
Being a weirdo and isolating herself doesn't help keep a secret. If anything she's only making things worse,if she was friends with all these people they would be less likely to become suspicious of her then they would of a girl sitting at the back of the class and never talking.
QueenSian QueenSian Jan 09
I'm a singer and dabble a bit in dancing and in a panto once I had to say this line and I was told I was very good
Kana12349 Kana12349 Nov 17, 2016
*deep breath* 
                              AND JUST FOR THIS MOMENT~~
                              AS LONG AS YOUR MINE~~~
internetsprincess internetsprincess Nov 02, 2016
Because only shifting at every new moon rather then shifting when you feel like it like everyone else helps you blend in.
internetsprincess internetsprincess Nov 02, 2016
I think it's refreshing that he's a male ballerina and an alpha.  You don't see that often mainly because dancing is seen of a 'less manly' thing to do.
                              Masculinity is so fragile
QueenSian QueenSian Jan 09
                              HOLD ME TO TIGHT 
                              I NEED HELP BELIEVING YOUR WITH ME TONIGHT