Camera Shy

Camera Shy

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Evoke; By Midika Updated Jun 26, 2016

"I will delete the photo, if you do whatever I say from now on."


Teresa hates getting her photo taken. Period. 

Dex is an Internet sensation for his unique photography skills. And now that a new girl has shown up in his town, he has new use for his camera. 

When Dex takes a photo of Teresa doing something delinquent, she will do anything to get it deleted. Her mother would kill her, if she saw this picture, that Dex has the option to share to the whole world. 

So she gets stuck, doing anything Dex wants her to do. And some of these things get pretty ridiculous. 

Can Theresa find love through this, or will problems from her past come back to haunt her?

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Readingbooklover21 Readingbooklover21 Jun 09, 2017
I hate that ohmygosh, it just hits you like a breeze and it takes forever to get warm again, especially if you're parents shopping over there and can't decide what to get.
                               #thestruggleisreal 😣
Quincy1014 Quincy1014 Sep 01, 2017
I understand I have gone to two schools my whole life and those two schools have been all girl schools but the one I am in right now is basically split down the middle separating the boys school next to us since we share the building but are not allowed to be together
btsinsunglasses btsinsunglasses Sep 24, 2017
Oh yeah that feeling of regret and you just have goosebumps and your slightly freezing but don't wanna say
ArtestSure ArtestSure Aug 19, 2017
My the only one who thinks that they're allergic to cameras 😂😂
elloma elloma Jun 11, 2017
I just chocked on my apple, I just wanted to inform everyone
x_XBTS_ARMYX_x x_XBTS_ARMYX_x Jul 19, 2017
If I were her I would have been like "mother!" In a high pitched voice.