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Broken Apart (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Broken Apart (Dean Winchester x Reader)

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Krazyk2314 By Krazyk2314 Updated Feb 19

Your relationship with Dean is tested time and again when he receives the mark of Cain in order to kill Abaddon.  Will it be able to survive the mark, and what happens if you run away from it all? Will Dean be able to forgive himself if something happens to you because of the mark?

AkaeliaWayne AkaeliaWayne Oct 06, 2016
If the thong is on dean, its more than good its sexy asf ok? Ok.
Phangirlingtrash101 Phangirlingtrash101 May 30, 2016
"I don't think the mark is a good thong" 
                              That line will be the death of me xD
Spoonful_Of_Stars Spoonful_Of_Stars Oct 01, 2016
Do you have Kik or Ifunny? I'd really like to get to know you better
Clover-Leaf-Kid Clover-Leaf-Kid Jun 28, 2016
Dammit, I bought the wrong thong *there's a thong with the mark of Cain plastered all over it and dean is like WTF HOW*
JordanAkins0 JordanAkins0 Jun 27, 2016
YES brilliant if we give abbodon the bad thong it will ride up but and will be so uncomfortable she will not be able to move
tv_geek_fan tv_geek_fan Apr 30, 2016
Cas why didnt you just do the thing and ill be as good as new