Beauty and the Beast  Kylo Ren x Reader

Beauty and the Beast Kylo Ren x Reader

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LokiLaufeyson14 By LokiLaufeyson14 Updated Oct 16

Kylo Ren has captured a girl from the Resistance, not knowing she may change his life forever. 

I do not own any of the Star Wars characters, or any of the plots in there. 
WARNING!!!! May contain Star Wars the Force Awakens spoilers.

Msjrwh12 Msjrwh12 Nov 28
I don't think I'd be scared. If anything I would watch with intrest and make a snarky comment to see what he does. Kylo has power, but that doesn't scare me. Ben's still in there, somewhere.
adipidada adipidada Jul 09
Me: * looks at kylo with smug grin* oh hun,  everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things happen because your stupid and make bad decisions. (¬‿¬)
                              Kylo: what the fu did you just say
                              Me: oh I think we both know what just happened. (^-^)
adipidada adipidada Jul 09
I need food and my plushy juju she makes me happy and is my reading buddy. (^-^)
adipidada adipidada Jul 09
Kylo: Ooh, name calling. How fearsome.
                              Me: your luck  that I'm even talking to you, ya freak'in tree. ಠ╭╮ಠ
Even Snoke kinda ships me and Kylo. 
                              Sry Kylo but I like Finn!
Several hour's? An hour is more realistic. Using the force like that even for Kylo and freaking Yoda would be exhausting and impossible. Come on. HOURS? And for the girl it would take more willpower to keep him OUT. She'd have to give in from exhaustion eventually. Get real.