Gangster Love (Book 1)

Gangster Love (Book 1)

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MAY-MAY❀ ♕ By MikeNTheHood Updated Sep 06

Michael Jackson. Known by everyone as "Shadow Man." Everyone knows who he is in the streets. He gets everything he wants when he wants and how he wants it. He doesnt take no as an answer. Hes the leader of a group called "Bloods and Bitches." Play your cards wrong then you end up in places you dont want to. 

Daniella (Dana) Harris (Zendaya). One of the baddest girls in the game. She represents what she claims. In a way, shes the big boss in the town. No one and nothing gets in her
 way. Until she meets Michael.

Will two troublemakers find love in a twisted game we call gangster love?

SgtMorgan SgtMorgan Jul 17
In The bad era and blood on the dance floor? Yes. During we are the world and man in the mirror! Not so much.
Well You told him to stop being a pussy and go get em😂😂😂😂
yah... but he also a badass gangzta asf so he prob do got thy guns to be savage asf lmao
cloclo_14 cloclo_14 Aug 26
I'm right here! No guys ever really notice me a lot tho except for a few..
MJIsBadAF MJIsBadAF Aug 15
HIS TWIN DARYL?! Oh lord, somebody hold me. I ain't stable right now 😍😩
NoshaElyyan NoshaElyyan Sep 11